Children of Ether

Pilot for Animated Series. Premiering on Crunchyroll in 2017. Created by LeSean Thomas. Developed by LeSean Thomas, Nicholas Thurkettle, and Brandon Easton. Teleplay by Nicholas Thurkettle.

Queen Lara – Feature Film – Comedy
Purchased by Room 9 Entertainment (Thank You For Smoking, Dumbstruck)

7 Red – Feature Film – Thriller
Optioned by producer Branon Coluccio (The Condemned)

Snowblind – Feature Film – Thriller
Represented by producer Nily Refai

Under the Knife – Feature Film (Screenplay based on story by Antonio Negret) – Action/Adventure
Packaged with director Antonio Negret (Transit, Seconds Apart)

The Hatchling – Feature Film – Comedy
*SEMI-FINALIST* 2013 Screenplay Festival – Comedy

Wish I Were Here – Feature Film Story (screenplay by Scott Lipanovich) – Family Drama
Optioned by producer/director Arthur Allen Seidelman (The Sisters)

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