Laughlin International Film Festival
INDIE FEST USA Film and Music Festival*
Southeastern International Film Festival
Las Vegas On-line Lift-Off Film Festival

*Honorable Mention; Nominee – Best Comedy

Samantha was married to Ronnie for twelve years. Twelve good years in her mind. Then a strange twist of fate parted them and she still has no idea how to process the loss. Set up on a date, she tries to see fresh possibilities in front of her – over wine, salad and pasta she jokes, she flirts, she looks at the man in front of her and feels the start of desire again. But raw memories and unresolved feelings take over, and even though she knows she is sabotaging the date, she is helpless but to share the story of herself and Ronnie, because the need to be heard has become far more important than the date. Tonight was just too soon for Samantha.

Samantha Gets Back Out There
USA, black-and-white, runtime 7’02”
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Starring Jill Cary Martin as “Samantha”

Art Direction * Editor * Writer * Director NICHOLAS THURKETTLE Producers BARNEY CROW * NICHOLAS THURKETTLE Post-Production Supervisor * Colorist * Director of Photography BARNEY CROW Production Sound Mixer * Boom Operator * Post-Production Sound Mixer * Sound Editor DARREN T. LODWICK Script Supervisor * Set Decoration AMANDA ZARR Lighting Assistant * Background Diner JONATHAN RODRIGUEZ Production Assistant * Background Diner ALEXSIA CANO Behind the Scenes Photography JENNIFER WEATHERUP

Filmed June 2015 in Long Beach, California at Papalucci’s in Belmont Shore

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Samantha Gets Back Out There - Behind the Scenes

Stills from the production of my first short film (All pictures by Jennifer Weatherup)

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