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Welcome to my homepage. The goal is to make this the most complete and comprehensive guide to the things that I do and the means to find them. They can be hard to sum up, sometimes; it’s not always a lucrative life but it’s never boring. So go ahead and make your way to whatever you want to know more about, and thanks for your interest!
–Nicholas Thurkettle

Really Interesting Stuff I Did/Am Doing

Stages of Sleep - by Nicholas Thurkettle
Seeing by Moonlight - by MF Thomas and Nicholas Thurkettle
Stages of Sleep
Short Story Collection
Seeing by Moonlight
co-written w/ MF Thomas
A Sickness in Time
co-written w/ MF Thomas
Earbud Theater
Award-winning podcast
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Barnes & Noble
Set for release Summer 2016! Listen on iTunes
Samantha Gets Back Out There
The Retriever
Samantha Gets Back Out There
The Retriever
A Ghost Waits
A feature film written/directed by Adam Stovall
Cthulhu Attacks – Book 1: The Fear
Award-winning short film, now streaming on Vimeo! Short film, now in post-production. Beginning festival run summer 2016! I’m co-producing this one-of-a-kind hybrid of horror movie and romantic comedy. Going into production Summer 2016! I narrated the audiobook of this darkly-comic Lovecraft Mythos horror novel by Sean Hoade
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